What is an ad blocker for Apple users?

What can be better than surfing your favorite websites and using any apps with no ads at all? Annoying pop-up windows, flashing banner or distracting video ads can spoil your pastime. Ad blocker Apple will remove common ads in Google Chrome, Opera and Safari browsers as well as in Viver and Spotify. These are not the only features of the app, so scroll down to see more.

To be or not to be: free Apple ad blocker

It’s a reasonable question if you need to pay to block ads or not. There are two options for you if you are using any Apple device. The first is a free version of the application that will provide you with almost all the features that an average user will need. For example, if you spend a few hours a day viewing Facebook feed, chatting via Viber and visiting a few dozens of websites to get some information, you will be just fine with the free version.

If you need something more than a simple app for blocking and you need to protect your Apple device from any malware, you should take a look at a paid version of the ad blocker. Of course, this app will not defeat any malware, but you will get notifications in case you are under risk. Think why you need this app and if you need any extra services or features from it and make a decision to use a free app or a paid one.

Ad blocker: what can it really do?

Here’s the list of things that Apple ad blocker can get rid of on your device:

  • Pop-up advertisements;
  • Banners;
  • Facebook and Youtube banners;
  • Ad trackers;
  • Data trackers, etc.

Everything is as easy as a pie, so you won’t find it too complicated. You install the app and you start using it right away. You won’t need any other apps to block various types of annoying pop-ups, as you will have everything in one single programm.

Apple ad blocker: can you use it on your device?

The answer is simple. You can use this software on any device that was produced by Apple company. So you can use it on any of your iOS or MacOS device. It can be your phone or Macbook – you will enjoy experience using this application. You will need at least 512 MB of RAM and free 70 MB of disk space and MacOS 10.10 or newer for your Macbook.

Is ad blocker legal?

Yes, it’s absolutely legal as it doesn’t track or collect your personal data or any other kind of information that you don’t want anyone to find out. The use of this application doesn’t break any law.

What’s an ad blocker in simple words?

It’s an application that blocks various kinds of advertisement produced by third parties and that you can view on the screen of your Apple device. In short, you get a great user experience right after you install the app onto your device.

It’s time to get rid of annoying pop-ups.